Healing during the holidays is hard.

I’ve been the one with the “weird” diet that “no one can seem to keep up with” for about four years. One Christmas it was AIP, the next it was SIBO, the next it was “okay I feel good so I’ll just eat gluten-free” which ended up being a full blown disaster. What I’ve learned is that I cannot sacrifice my well-being to make things easier for other people. I’ve also learned that four days of eating gluten-free makes me feel like absolute shit (thanks for nothing, grains), and that as awkward as it is to be the only one chewing on a carrot stick while others gleefully shove cookies down their throats, it’s worth it.

I’ve heard from people who feel guilty turning down food loved ones make. They get uncomfortable when Grandma says “but yah naht gonna eat my pecayn pieee?” They love their Grandmas and don’t want to hurt their feelings. Listen, Grandma is a grown ass woman and she’ll get over it.

I’ve heard from others who are afraid what people will think of them because they don’t eat like everyone else. Okay, everyone else can live off sugar and alcohol, ride the blood sugar roller coaster for several years, realize their body is inflamed and their adrenals are shot, wind up with a plethora of health issues, depressed, needing lots of naps… and you’ll be running circles around them with your carrot lazily hanging out of your mouth.

Okay, okay, that’s dramatic… but my point is we are entering the holidays with an understanding of what makes us feel our best. It isn’t alcohol or cookies. It’s a properly prepared, nutrient dense diet that doesn’t include our trigger foods.

I KNOW from experience that healing protocols can be incredibly lonely and that always feels a bit amplified during the holidays. I’ve put together materials to make the holidays easier on you. I’ll also be hosting a Healing During the Holidays support group on Facebook.

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