Avocado-Free AIP Tuna Salad


Tuna salad is my go-to for a quick lunch. I like to make a big batch of it so I can eat it throughout the week.  I know there are a ton of AIP recipes out there that suggest adding avocado to make the texture creamy, but my digestive system doesn't allow for that. This recipe is super simple. Check it out! 


1 Tbsp Fresh Dill, chopped

1/2 Cup Diced Celery

1/4 Cup Diced Onion

2 Tbsp Diced AIP Compliant Pickles or Relish

2 Tbsp Olive Oil

2 Cans Wild Caught Tuna

Salt to taste

Tuna Salad Instructions:

  • Drain liquid from tuna
  • Break up tuna into smaller chunks
  • Add remaining ingredients and stir to incorporate
  • Salt to taste
  • Add on top of salads, cucumber rounds, or put it in a lettuce wrap

Give this one a try and let me know what you think!