Beautycounter Gifts $50 and Under

If you didn’t know, Beautycounter is a company that’s pushing boundaries when it comes to regulation in the personal care industry. They go far beyond the safety measures required by the United States to ensure their products don’t cause harm to those who use them daily.

Natural skincare and organic makeup are not very regulated by the FDA and just because a product labeled “natural” doesn’t necessarily make it “healthy.” Beautycounter is devoted to using high-quality ingredients that have been tested rigorously for safety. They are perfect for anyone trying to live a non-toxic life and improve their health!

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Baby Daily Protective Balm -  This is a seriously protective moisturizer that’s perfect for the people in your life with dry, cracked hands. It’s really thick so it creates a shield for your hands throughout the day. My sister has eczema on her hands and she swears by this stuff (it was supposed to be for her son but we aren’t judging, right?). ($22)


Go & Glow Mini Face Oils - These are our best selling face oils! They’ve been rated by several beauty magazines and now you can try all three for a super affordable price. The full sizes are $69 so this is a great way to try before you go all out. You could also split the oils up to use as stocking stuffers. It’s a steal! ($30)

Beautycounter Gifts Under $50
Beautycounter gifts under $50

Transforming Duo - People are OBSESSED with this stuff. It’s kind of like a mood ring… but for your lips. Each person puts it on and has their own unique shade of pink lips. It comes with a gloss and is a great present for your friends who dig more of a natural look. ($30)

Sheer Lipstick - This lipstick is pure magic. Before I started selling Beautycounter products I would only wear lipstick on special occasions because it felt too bold for me day to day. Then I met Sheer Lipstick and now I wear this stuff every day. It provides a little more color than lip gloss, feels like a chapstick, and doesn’t make you look like you’re trying too hard. Not sure which color to get? Rose looks good on everyone. ($32)

Beautycounter Gifts Under $50
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Travel Body Essentials - I got this as soon as it came out! It includes our soap bar, hand lotion, body lotion and body wash in citrus and mimosa. Perfect for anyone in your life who loves to travel or who wants to test out Beautycounter products. ($35)

Stardust Cream Eyeshadow Set - You get five beautiful cream eyeshadows in this set and the colors are gorgeous! Cosmos and Orion give you a natural look that you can build into something more smokey with Celeste, Luna and Orion. ($39)

Beautycounter Gifts Under $50
Beautycounter Gifts Under $50

Sugar Body Scrub in Lemongrass - I first tried this product at a Beautycounter pop up in one of my favorite paleo restaurants. It smells mind blowingly delicious and leaves you feeling silky smooth. It’s nice to have by the sink to take care of rough hands or you can add it to a loofa for a full-body exfoliation. ($40)

Clean Beauty Go-Tos - Do you know someone in your life who struggles with oily skin, acne and clogged pores? This is an amazing gift for them! It includes our new clear pore cleanser that smells like citrus and gives your skin a deep clean, a high-performing spot treatment, safer mascara and a moisturizing lip gloss. What’s not to love? ($45)

Beautycounter Gifts Under $50
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Charcoal Essentials - These are the two products that made me fall in love with Beautycounter. When used on a regular basis they transform your complexion by drawing out impurities and making your skin bright. If your bestie has been complaining about having clogged pores or dull skin, this one is for her. ($49)

Countermatch Adaptive Lotion - Honestly, I’ll probably never use another moisturizer again.  I love it because it hydrates your skin without leaving you with that sticky, heavy feel you get from most moisturizers, helps brighten your skin, and evens out your complexion. Bonus? It’s made with sweet plum oil and has a nice, subtle fragrance to it. ($49)

Beautycounter Gifts Under 50
Beautycounter Gifts Under $50

Velvet Eyeshadow Palette in Statement - This palette is super pigmented so a little bit of shadow goes a long way! At first glance it may seem a bit over the top (hullo, teal?), but you can use it to create something subtle with just the neutral colors and then use an eyeliner brush to line your upper lid with something a bit darker. Or, if you’re getting fancy, you can bump up the drama by using the more pigmented colors for a bold, smokey look. It’s perfect! ($50)