Nutrition Therapy



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This package is for you if you're sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, but you don't have the money to invest in regular Nutrition Therapy. You know your body is out of balance and you need help getting to the root of the problem. You're a self-starter, trust that you can follow a plan and stick to it without an accountability buddy. 

This package includes:

Health History Review

Nutrition Assessment Questionnaire

Food Journal Analysis

Dietary and Lifestyle Recommendations


You need this package if you're struggling to stick to your diet and need an accountability buddy. You've been struggling to feel like yourself lately, your digestion is off, you're fatigued and you need hope. You're ready to face the challenges of changing your diet and lifestyle and know that having someone hold your hand will help you succeed. 

I will help you feel less alone as you navigate your health journey by assisting you with the following things:

Health History Review

Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire

Food Journal Analysis

Nutrition Recommendations

Weekly Check-ins by Email 

Three one-on-one re-evaluations via skype 

Google Document with Customized Recipe Suggestions

Follow Up Sessions at a Discounted Rate ($70.00)


This is strictly a follow-up service. You've met with me before but you still want a check-ins to assess where you're at and receive Nutrition Therapy. This package includes:

Food Journal Analysis

Nutrition and Lifestyle Recommendations