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Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Transformational Mindset Coach here to help you get to the physical and emotional root causes of chronic health issues.

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When health is compromised it impacts every area of your life. Whitney understands and she’s here to help. She’ll guide you toward getting your body back into balance using targeted nutritional therapy and supplementation so you don’t have to do it alone.

does this sound like you?

“I’ve tried so many things. I just feel discouraged.”

“I lack the ability to stick with something long term because I get bored and frustrated.”

“I have been looking for a nutritionist/health coach for a while and just haven’t found the right one.”

“My doctor said, “all we can do is wait until you develop hypothyroidism & then I’ll put you on medication,” and that doesn’t feel right to me.”

WHITNEY HAS HELPED dozens of women reverse their symptoms and diseases Including:

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 12 weeks of 1:1 care for $1,997

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Receive access to all the tools and tips Whitney shares with her autoimmune clients in a self paced community coaching program. You’ll learn how to practice self compassion as you navigate healing,  how to implement diet and lifestyle changes, and get  access to Whitney via Slack for questions and support. 

Here’s what people are saying about working with Whitney 1:1

“I’ve had issues with alopecia for the past 2 and half years. Since starting with Whitney I have had no new bald spots! i also have regrowth in a few areas. whitney is supportive and encourages me to believe in myself and understand this process is a journey.”

Ashley, former client

“Whitney is AMAZING! I’ve recommended her to soooo many people because she’s so helpful. I’ve never had a healthcare person care so deeply or be so attentive to my well being – both physical and mental. She is SO affirming and supportive, and an amazing detective at getting to the root of the problem.” 

Kate, former client

Whitney is the best support system I’ve had the last 7 months. She is there with you every step of the way and truly cares about how you are doing physically and mentally throughout the entire process. She doesn’t judge, really listens to how you’re doing, and is the best cheerleader you could ask for. 

 Hannah, former client

“I went to Kansas City for a party that my husband was DJing. The last time I came in 2014 I slept the whole time and when I wasn’t sleeping I was in the bathroom with terrible digestion. I have had the best time and had the energy to do everything I wanted to do, and then some.”

Jordan, former client

Before working with Whitney I was struggling with blood sugar control and autoimmunity. Whitney gave me great support and a framework for AIP. I feel like I have a better understanding for what diet makes me feel best and how to listen to my body.

Natalie, former client

I’m finally sleeping through the night and have more energy. My IBS symptoms are gone, and I got my period after three months of not having it! ” 

Olivia, former client

I am so grateful to have someone to talk to who can help me resolve my health issues. I thank God for placing Whitney so directly in my path that I almost ran her over.

Cathy, former client

Prior to working with Whitney I had regular stomach pain due to my Crohn’s as well as really painful and heavy periods due to my PCOS. My Crohn’s disease is now completely in remission and my periods are better.

Lucia, former client

I’ve learned SO much through working with Whitney. I know to watch myself for candida and at the start of symptoms begin tracking and shifting my diet. I’m not just clueless and googling trying to figure it out. It’s very empowering. It’s greatly helped.” 

Kate, former client

Working with Whitney was a breath of fresh air – She helped me shift my mindset from fearing food/allergic reactions to trusting that my body can and will heal itself. Also, her meal plans absolutely rock and helped to get me on the right track to healing my candida, leaky gut, and histamine intolerance.

Rachael, former client

Whitney is SO supportive and an excellent Nutritionist: she listens well, is full of knowledge, and a great encourager in the pursuit of health.” 

Sarah, former client

Whitney genuinely roots for your success. She isn’t judgmental and she takes the time to explain things clearly, unlike doctors I’ve worked with. Her knowledge from her personal experience with hashimotos and other AI issues helped me feel less alone. 

Elizabeth, former client

Before working with Whitney I was feeling lost with food choices and she introduced me to a wonderful meal plan. My abdominal pain subsided, I gained more control over my constipation and bloating, and Whitney’s knowledge, care, and attention to detail helped me feel comforted while also better understanding my symptoms.” 

Rachel, former client


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This training will help you identify likelihood for hashimotos, give you the labs to ask your doctor for, functional lab ranges to compare to, and information on how to feel better. 

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