Welcome to Rooted in Healing.  This blog is designed to help you nourish your body as you work on improving your health. Whether you have undiagnosed gut issues or more autoimmune diseases than you can count on one hand, Rooted in Healing is here for you. 

Whitney, the founder of Rooted in Healing, struggled with depression and anxiety her entire life. In 2016 her hair began falling out in patches and she bounced around from doctor to doctor trying to figure out the root cause. Every practitioner she saw told her that the reason for her fatigue, hair loss, mood disorder and constipation were related to stress, and she needed to relax a little. They trusted the lab results (her T3 and T4 were within range) and gave up on finding answers. 

After a year of searching, Whitney came across an FNP who had started her own practice in Denver, Colorado. The FNP was well-versed in hormone management and took a functional approach to healthcare. After running her own labs, she found that Whitney not only had Alopecia, but was suffering from Hashimotos, Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome, Endometriosis, and SIBO. 

Whitney has been able to significantly reduce inflammation and her autoimmune disease symptoms by following a primal diet. She realizes that health is a journey, not a destination, and encourages everyone who visits this website to keep that in mind. 

Nearly every recipe here has modifications for the Autoimmune Paleo Diet for those of you who working to find foods that trigger inflammation in your body.  In approximately one year, Whitney will be a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and will begin taking on clients to help them heal the way she has. 

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