We're here to make healing less overwhelming.

You're ready and committed to healing autoimmune disease, but you're struggling to do it alone.  We're here to hold your hand as you implement a healing protocol in a way that works best for you.  We see you in your wholeness and honor your story, whether you are new to dieting or have spent life with a messy mindset around food. There's space for you here! Welcome. 

We're here to make healing less overwhelming. 


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mindset coaching

Three months of deep emotional and physical transformation. 

1:1 nutrition

Customized healing protocol with individual appointments.

community healing

Our year-long community healing membership.

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to reverse symptoms of thyroid disease without medication? Or maybe you want to learn how to read your labs from a holistic perspective? That's what we cover inside this 1 hour training designed to empower you on your health journey. 

Free Thyroid Training


Our most affordable option is a self-paced healing program with a community component. You'll receive meal plans, easy to digest video lessons, recipe books, and grocery lists, plus Slack access to holistic nutrition professionals and others navigating the program for an entire year. Investment is $697 and payment plans are available.

Affordable Community Healing


This provides you with everything included in our community healing program, plus two 1:1 appointments with an NTP, a symptom burden analysis, food journal reviews, custom supplement recommendations, and  testing options. Health investment is $997.

Individual Care

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This three month intensive supports you in releasing limiting beliefs , rewiring neural pathways for health, and healing beyond the body in six bi-weekly appointments. Health investment is $1697.

3 Month Intensive

"Whitney has been the game changer for my health. She's given me my life back. I'm forever grateful for her."

Lucia reversed her Crohn's disease

This could be you....

My recent colonoscopy showed that there was no inflammation except at the incision site where I previously had surgery for crohn's. The doctors couldn't believe how much better I am. Whitney was incredibly supportive and encouraging and I could not have started this journey without her.

"Prior to working with Whitney I had regular stomach pain due to my Crohn’s as well as really painful and heavy periods due to my PCOS."

Hannah improved her hashis and her mindset

I have learned tools from Whitney that have allowed me to feel better both physically and mentally. Whitney is the best support system I've had the last 7 months. She is there with you every step of the way and truly cares about how you are feeling physically and mentally throughout the entire process.. 

"My physical and mental health was at an all time low before I started working with Whitney."

Kate went from bedridden to playing with her daugheter again

client STORIES

Learn the most common reasons for hair loss and the best steps for reversing it. 


This blog post helps you identify if autoimmune paleo is a good fit for your physical & mental health. 


but first

Wondering which program is right for you? Reach out and we'll help you figure out the perfect next steps for you on your healing journey.

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