Whitney Shook, Nutrition Therapy Consultant

Whitney Shook, Nutrition Therapy Consultant


It all started when…

I found a small bald patch the size of a quarter on my head. I was 27 years old, standing in front of the bathroom mirror, completely in shock at what I saw.

I went to doctor, after doctor, after doctor. They told me I had something called Alopecia and said that it oftentimes showed up when people got stressed out. It was recommended I see a dermatologist for steroid shots and increase my antidepressants. After crying in (another) doctor’s office, he told me he would refer me to an endocrinologist, even though my thyroid panels were fine.

I walked into the Endocrinologists office after a blood draw and she told me I had thyroid antibodies, meaning my body was attacking my thyroid. She said my T3 and T4 hormones were still within range, and did me a “favor” of putting my thyroid under an ultrasound. “See those grey areas?” she said “there isn’t enough damage yet to need intervention. We’ll monitor your blood work once a year and put you on thyroid medication once you need it.”

This, my friends, is the problem with conventional healthcare. Instead of prevention it ignores symptoms until they are too big to be dismissed, then puts a bandaid on them with pharmaceuticals.

I ended up finding a holistic practitioner who took me seriously. Her tests showed I not only had Alopecia, but Hashimotos, PCOS, SIBO and Candida. She referred me to a holistic nutritionist and all three of us worked together, changing my diet and lifestyle, using both conventional and holistic medicine, to reverse my symptoms of autoimmune disease.

After one full year, I had more energy, my hair grew back, my period stopped being painful, my inflammation and antibodies went down, I wasn’t bloating every time I ate, and I felt like a whole person again.

I decided to go back to school and get my certification in Nutrition Therapy. I now teach women how to listen to their bodies, use food to heal, and make meaningful, lasting lifestyle changes.

If you’re struggling with scary symptoms, I look forward to helping you feel less alone as you navigate your healing journey.