We believe in approaching illness as part of your life experience. It's not your enemy, rather a culmination of everything you've gone through that led to physical outcomes in your body. From trauma, to toxic exposures, to the consumption of genetically modified and chemically laden processed foods.

Your body is a self-healing mechanism designed to feel good.  We partner with you to become the center of your care team and show you how to implement tools to help you get better. 

Rooted in Healing has created a unique care model that works with you physically, mentally and spiritually to guide you towards your deepest levels of healing. 

Don't just take it from us. 

see what our clients have to say

"Whitney helped me make key changes that have improved my mood, digestion, and daily life so much!"

- sarah c.

Every time someone works with us we ask them the top three things they want to heal. Sarah said she doesn't want to feel tired any more, she wanted to reduce joint stiffness, and wanted to stop feeling depressed. After just three months together, Sarah reported needing no more naps, reduced joint pain, and that her friends were commenting on how she seemed more emotionally stable! She also found that her periods were drastically improved without breast tenderness or mood swings. She also said she has "no more weird poops," which we love to hear!

"Now I have better sleep, less eczema, better periods, regular bowel movements, and less anxiety and depression."

- Felisha f.

When Felisha showed up at our practice she was really struggling. She had been diagnosed with a severe form of RA at the age of 12 and had been receiving shots and taking daily medication to manage her pain. She also had hashimoto's, uncomfortable rashes, anxiety around past traumas, and was struggling to care for herself.  After four months together, Felisha has been able to mostly come off her RA medications, taking an NSAID every few days instead of daily. She is no longer on thyroid medication, and her periods are regulated after years of a disruptive and heavy flow. After over a decade of dealing with health issues and seeing more doctors than she can count, she said this being the farthest she has ever come in feeling better. We call that a win!

"My abdominal pain subsided, I gained more control over my constipation and bloating, "

- Stacie

When Stacie first came to us (after being referred by a friend - yay!) she was dealing with crippling fatigue, brain fog, bloating, and digestive issues. You can see by looking at her symptom burden chart that her body was really stressed. After our three month program she reported having more energy to do the things she loves, like run her creative business and play with her children. Thanks to our program her hair stopped falling out, she lost the weight she had gained, had more mental clarity, her digestion greatly improved, and she identified food sensitivities that were keeping her sick. 

"I was in a flare of Graves Disease before working with Whitney."

- raquel s.

There were 6 weeks between my two lab results and My TPO went from 373 to 254... and it’s the lowest its been since I’ve had it measured. My T4 went up slightly from 0.9 to 1.1 and my Free T3 went from 2.5 to 2.9 and both are now in the normal range.

 Before I was struggling so much, and now with Rooted in Healing's guidance my health has seen day and night improvement.

"This course gave me the courage to finally quit my job, and start my biz"

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"I know God didn't abandon me because he gave me Whitney."

- Kate W.

When Kate started working with us at Rooted in Healing she had been diagnosed with hashimotos and was experiencing fatigue, itching, hair loss, bloating, and joint pain. Kate spent most of her hours in bed and was struggling to run her business and actively play with her daughter. As you can see in the photo above, she now has the energy to plan birthday parties, play with her kiddo, and show up in the world as a healthier version of herself. Kate says, "My nutritionist has been the most helpful, present, supportive, curious, persistent person since we started working together. She's seriously been a gift directly from God. I know God didn't give up on me because he gave me Whitney."

I feel so much better now and like I have a better handle on how to nourish my body with Hashimoto's

- alexa r

When Alexa got to us she couldn't figure out why she was having trouble waking up, her anxiety was completely unmanageable, her libido was non-existent, her hashimotos was getting worse, and her digestion was terrible. She was eating gluten-free and dairy-free, but it  didn't seem to be enough.  After just two months of working with our protocol she saw huge improvements in her symptoms, as you can see by the chart above.  She reported less anxiety, better bowel movements, less puffiness, weight loss, improved energy, no more teen-like acne, and she was having daily bowel movements! 

"I've had issues with alopecia for the past two and a half years. Since starting with the program I have no new bald spots and I have regrowth in a few areas!!"

"This course gave me the courage to finally quit my job, and start my biz"

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"Whitney gave me great support and a framework for AIP. I now have a better understanding of what diet makes me feel best and how to listen to my body.

She had all the resources written out and was also always open to questions or requests for suggestions and troubleshooting."

"I'm a medical doctor who was struggling with blood sugar control and autoimmunity."


"Whitney has been the game changer for my health. She's given me my life back. I'm forever grateful for her."

Lucia reversed her Crohn's disease

This could be you....

My recent colonoscopy showed that there was no inflammation except at the incision site where I previously had surgery for crohn's. The doctors couldn't believe how much better I am. Whitney was incredibly supportive and encouraging and I could not have started this journey without her.

"Prior to working with Whitney I had regular stomach pain due to my Crohn’s as well as really painful and heavy periods due to my PCOS."

Hannah improved her hashis and her mindset

I have learned tools from Whitney that have allowed me to feel better both physically and mentally. Whitney is the best support system I've had the last 7 months. She is there with you every step of the way and truly cares about how you are feeling physically and mentally throughout the entire process.. 

"My physical and mental health was at an all time low before I started working with Whitney."

Kate went from bedridden to playing with her daugheter again

client STORIES

Here's What happens

you have the energy to keep up with your kids/pet/friends/job

you can eat food without anxiety about whether or not it's making you sick.

Our clients have gone from confused and overwhelmed to empowered eaters healing their autoimmune disease. They've gone from bedridden with fatigue to joyfully riding down a slip and slide on their child's birthday. They've gone from struggling to walk across the room to being able to walk for several miles. 

you learn what order to heal in and how to organize your healing needs.

you finally Stick to a diet plan & Know exactly what foods to eat to get better.

Work with us and..

heal with us

learn exactly how to heal your body

create an implementation plan based on your lifestyle

connect with other people with chronic illness

start your journey towards health with ease

"I struggled with hormonal and thyroid issues before and now i realize how great my body can feel."

- melissa