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Sometimes you need a little more hand holding when it comes to healing. That's why we created a service that provides you with all the resources included in our Mindful AIP community healing program, plus three 1:1 support calls to provide you with customized care, targeted supplements, mindset work, and added accountability. 

Let's get you feeling better, together


It's time you finally receive the care you deserve.

We understand that being sick requires a lot from you. 

A lot of your thoughts.. 
A lot of your money..
A lot of your time..

Our 1:1 support provides you with the extra care you need to get your body to its healing center, so you have energy to to do the things you love again (without struggling with extreme fatigue, anxiety, or draining your bank account-- win!).



because it's too much to manage your disease, your doctors appointments, your job, and your relationships...


because all the information out there has conflicting opinions about what is inflammatory  for autoimmune disease and what isn't...

like you struggle with mental health 

because practitioners dismiss you, and friends and family brush off your symptoms as something that's "in your head."

i can help because i've been there

but nowI know how to help!

Six years ago, I was so sick I couldn't do the things I loved.

I was afraid I would be bed-ridden forever after multiple doctors told me nothing could be done about my hair loss, fatigue, weight gain, painful periods, brain fog (and more). Through research, nutrition, targeted supplementation, and detox, I was able to heal from multiple autoimmune diseases, though not without disordered thoughts around food and mental health issues.

That's why we're different here. Our approach is both scientifically informed and emotionally supportive because we know you are the authority of your body and  it is a privilege to be the care team that  surrounds you.

Three intimate 1:1 appointments with your personal NTP ($850 value)

Two symptom burden chart analyses & customized supplement recommendations for your bio-individual needs ($200 value)

Digital food journal + reviews & troubleshooting with your personal NTP ($225 value))

A year of unlimited chat support through Slack with your NTP and the Mindful AIP community ($564 value) 

A year of monthly community Q&A calls with an NTP ($1,020 value)

Access to our healing resource library including meal plans, recipe books, food journals, and more ($1,200 value)

You are going to love our 1:1 support package. Here's what's included...

this sounds amazing

Value $4,059 

Price $997 

"Whitney is the best friend and supporter you never knew you needed in your life. The journey to healing with her support was so encouraging."

- Felisha

“This has been the most anyone has helped me before without giving me a “bandaid” solution.”

Not sure yet? 


Not everyone will be the best fit for this package. Let's connect to make sure you are investing in the right support for you and your bio-individual & emotional needs! 

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"My joint pain is almost gone. I can lift my baby without pain and I can now walk without fear of falling."

Through this program I have gained my life back. Before I struggled to care for my children. Now I can pick them up and tend to their every need without worry. I can now think through situations without brain fog. My gut is healing because I have had Rooted in Healing there every step of the way. Every time I message with a question or worry Whitney always had an answer. I was never judged for a thought or feeling I had.


"Whitney has been the game changer for my health. She's given me my life back. I'm forever grateful for her."

Lucia reversed her Crohn's disease

This could be you....

My recent colonoscopy showed that there was no inflammation except at the incision site where I previously had surgery for crohn's. The doctors couldn't believe how much better I am. Whitney was incredibly supportive and encouraging and I could not have started this journey without her.

"Prior to working with Whitney I had regular stomach pain due to my Crohn’s as well as really painful and heavy periods due to my PCOS."

Hannah improved her hashis and her mindset

I have learned tools from Whitney that have allowed me to feel better both physically and mentally. Whitney is the best support system I've had the last 7 months. She is there with you every step of the way and truly cares about how you are feeling physically and mentally throughout the entire process.. 

"My physical and mental health was at an all time low before I started working with Whitney."

Kate went from bedridden to playing with her daugheter again

client STORIES


“I've never had a health  person care so deeply or be so attentive to my well being - both physical and mental.”

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Looking for a taste of what's included? Here's a sample meal plan you can use to get started healing today. 

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