Harmful Ingredients to Avoid in Personal Care Products

There are over 80,000 chemicals currently used in the United States and most haven't been tested for their effects on human health. Of those 80,000 chemicals, only 80 are banned from being used in personal care products in the US (compared to 1400 in the UK and 600 in Canada). The government is not focusing on safety so it’s up to use to screen products for ourselves.

Below is a list of some of the top ingredients you should be avoiding in your skincare, makeup, lotions, shampoos, and hair dye. This is not an exhaustive list but it does have some of the most concerning ones.


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    Check out this list and bring it with you while you’re at the store or cross-reference it while you’re looking for products online. You can also shop at Beautycounter, a brand that has banned all of these ingredients (as well as 1500 others that may pose a potential risk for human health).

    Don’t want to carry this list around? Check out the Healthy Living or Think Dirty apps to scan products and see where they rank. Note that not all brands are listed, so it’s still good to have this list on file somewhere.