What to Ask a Mold Inspector if You Have CIRS

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Questions to ask a mold testing company if you struggle with CIRS, Lyme, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or Autoimmunity

Do you offer remediation?

You do not want a company to test for mold who also remediates it as they will benefit from you having mold. The best thing to do is work with a company who does the inspection and writes a remediation protocol, and will refer you to trustworthy companies in your area. If they say they both test and remediate, it’s a conflict of interest and you should continue looking elsewhere.

How long does your inspection take?

We live in a 970 square foot house and our inspection took three hours. According to the company we worked with, an inspection should take anywhere from 3-5 hours depending on the size of your home. Your inspector should initially walk the entire perimeter of your home, check for areas where there may be potential water intrusion, and then walk through your entire house looking for signs of water damage. They should also go in your crawl space and attic, if you have them.

How many of your clients have CIRS, Lyme, or Multiple Chemical Sensitivities?

You definitely want your home inspector to understand the consequences of mold on your health. When I called the inspection company I asked if they had heard CIRS and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. The woman at the front desk said yes, but she wasn’t entirely confident answering all the questions I had. She connected me with one of their inspectors who said he was very familiar with these illnesses and that he would be personally coming to inspect our home because of that.

Have you heard of the ERMI and HERTSMI tests and do you perform them?

Just because mold doesn’t come back positive in an air sample doesn’t mean you’re not struggling from CIRS. The ERMI (Environmental Relative Moldiness Index) is the most recommended test by mold illness doctors. It examines the proteins in a dust sample for the genetic presence of 36 different types of molds and helps your specialist get an understanding of the history of mold in your home.

The HERTSMI is similar to the ERMI test, but it only looks for the presence of the top dangerous species of mold and is therefore less expensive.

If the specialist you’re speaking to is not familiar with these tests, it’s best to go elsewhere.

Is it okay if I shadow you as you walk around our property?

If they’re a good inspector and willing to do a thorough job, their answer will be yes. This isn’t just an inspection but an opportunity to educate. As your inspector walks around your home he/she should inform you where they see risk for water damage now or in the future and share their recommendations. If they don’t want you to follow it’s likely may rush the process.

Are you familiar with mycotoxins?

Mycotoxins are gasses produced by mold that are harmful to human (and animal) health. You want to make sure your mold inspector understands what they are and how important it is for you to reduce your exposure to them.

Do you test the HVAC system?

Your HVAC is a major contributor to your indoor air quality and should always be inspected and/or tested during a mold inspection.


If you’re in Denver and looking for a mold inspection company, we went with HS Scientific. At the time of writing this, their website is under construction but they can be reached at 720-295-6408.

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