How Energy Work Can Help Heal Chronic Illness

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Individuals who endure chronic illness often describe feeling exhausted, disheartened, and isolated as a result of their diagnosis, on-going symptoms and, typically, pain. If one hasn’t personally experienced a chronic illness, it can be difficult to fully comprehend the weight or complexity of persistent health challenges. Addressing these deep (often repressed) emotions is vital to create freedom from the stress and doubt that is preventing the body from healing.

Working through emotional depths requires radical honesty with yourself, but equally as important is grace. Yes, you have ownership over your health and you can make changes, but you also must be forgiving and patient with yourself and your body in the process.

How Can Limiting Beliefs Prevent You From Healing Chronic Illness? 

When talking to and working with people dealing with chronic illness, there are common themes and patterns that tend to surface. Many times these limiting beliefs are not conscious thoughts rather, they are subconscious patterns you’ve developed over time. It takes self reflection and exploration to understand these beliefs! Some of these may resonate with you, others, not so much. Take time to think through them and sit with the thought. Remember, if something does ring true for you, do not retreat into shame or embarrassment. Even if this limiting belief is currently holding you back from healing, it did at one point serve a purpose! Whether that purpose was protection, managing trauma, seeking care and attention, there is a reason you adopted this belief system. It is no longer serving you, but don’t feel ashamed.

  • I am not capable of being healthy.
  • I don’t deserve to be healthy.
  • I don’t want to be healthy.
  • I am destined to be ill.
  • I feel safer being ill.
  • My body is broken and failing.
  • I lean on illness as an excuse not to succeed, love, pursue my goals, etc.
  • I am imprisoned by my health problems.
  • I cannot even imagine being healthy.
  • I am more comfortable being sick.
  • No one will take care of me if I am healthy.

While fighting chronic illness may feel all encompassing, remember that it doesn’t represent your whole self or entire identity. Your body is not failing you, bad or broken. It is working for you, and trying to communicate its need for support. Recognizing limiting beliefs or patterns is the first step, but most people don’t know how to truly break free. Vibrational healing emcompasses various modalities that seek to release negative cellular imprints, giving you the capacity to truly heal.

Will Vibrational Healing Help You Heal Chronic Illness?

At first mention, energetic or vibrational healing may sound like far-fetched nonsense. I wouldn’t blame you for rolling your eyes at the concept. However, in reality, it’s a proven fact that everything is energy; we can thank Albert Einstein and his famous discovery (E=mc2) for that knowledge! Everything has its own frequency, wavelength, and color spectrum: your hair, heart, brain, the clothes you wear, water you drink, your car, your thoughts, spoken words, you get the idea. We all have experienced the shift in energy when someone walks in the room who is full of joy: they radiate happiness, they are kind to others, and they set the tone for others around them. Some call this “good vibes.” You recognize the very tangible feelings of love, empowerment, and passion when they enter your presence. On the other hand, you surely have experienced the feeling of sadness or discomfort when you’re around someone who is entrapped in negativity. Whether or not you recognized it as such, we have all had experiences that give us insight to how vibrations energetically impact our bodies. When you’re around the joyful person, your body is likely more relaxed, whereas when you’re around the pessimistic person, you are more tense and rigid.

I like to remind everyone that understanding vibrations or energy does not stand in opposition to their faith. Whether you align with a particular religion or not, recognizing that we are all energetic beings does not undermine your belief system. It’s understandable to be hesitant or wary of this perspective; most of us do not come from a background of viewing the world this way!

What Type of Energy Work is Right for You? 

Energy work is a broad term for several modalities which recognize that stress is stored in all cells of the body and inhibits healing. These modalities share similar concepts, but widely differ in their application. Just as it’s vital for the care for our physical bodies to be highly individualized, our emotional wellbeing should be addressed with the same respect for our distinct differences. There are many approaches to recognizing limiting beliefs and subconscious thoughts; some of the options listed below are techniques you can do yourself, others are facilitated with a practitioner.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Often referred to as “tapping,” EFT starts by focusing on the negative emotions you’re feeling, then using your fingertips to tap 12 of the meridian points on the body. There is a short sequence where you seek to accept then release the negative memories/emotions, therefore restoring balance. The beauty of this modality is that it’s simple to learn and you can do it any time, anywhere.

Mind Body Release TM

MBRTM is facilitated by utilizing Muscle Response Testing; the practitioner identifies the makeup of emotions, hormones, neurotransmitters, etc. the body associated with an event or belief pattern. The nervous system is then stimulated through light therapy and acupressure reflex points to help the subconscious mind release the stored negative cellular memories that are directing the unwanted behavior or thoughts.

Healing Codes©

The healing codes teach people how to activate four healing centers of the body and release destructive energy patterns or frequencies. This is done with a series of hand positions held at the control centers for organs and cells in the body. While you perform the hand gestures, you utilize “codes” that allow you to release these unhealthy beliefs or memories. The Healing Codes book is a fantastic resource for understanding energy, and teaches you tools to implement on your own!

Neuro Emotional Technique®

NET uses a functional neurology manual muscle test to identify areas of concern or stress in the body. To correct this stress response, patients hold meridian points and focus on the concerning event; the practitioner then utilizes a pulse or spinal correction.

Myofascial release

While this modality is a physical “manipulation” or therapy of sorts, there are absolutely energetic components. Our fascia are not only impacted and altered by physical events, but the cells in our body retain the memory of stress, trauma, sadness, etc. It’s incredibly beneficial to not only address the emotional, but also release physical stress that is tied up in the fascia of our body.

These modalities share a common goal: to allow your body to release negative cellular memories. With any of these paths, it’s important to recognize that your body contains the energy and capacity for change and restoration. You may have been dealing with chronic illness for years, but you are not destined for this the rest of your life. It may seem impossible to believe, since this is not the standard in our western medical paradigm. I encourage you to explore and research these modalities, and choose what resonates with you! If you feel like you need more guidance or clarity in the beginning, perhaps seek one of the guided services such as NET, MBRTM, or Myofascial Release. If you’re ready to dive in on your own, EFT or Healing Codes may be right for you.


Amanda Mirabella is a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist (Candidate) and certified ECRTM and MBRTM practitioner. As a holistic nutritionist, she strives to encourage positive body image, provide clarity and education concerning healthy eating, promote healing, and dismantle fears and restrictions that surround the dieting culture. Amanda worked and trained at Heights of Health in Houston for over three years before relocating to Denver, Colorado. She opened up Heights of Health’s Denver location where she sees clients remotely or in person at Womenfolk Wellness studio in City Park.


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