What to Do if You Have Toxic Mold

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You think you have toxic mold, now what?

Toxic mold is increasingly problematic in our built environment. If you recently discovered mold in your home either visibly or through an over the counter air sample, you may be feeling overwhelmed by what next steps to take, especially if you think you’re one of the 28% of the population who are particularly susceptible to mold illness.

If you’ve been struggling with ongoing health issues and believe that mold is the root cause of them, these are some initial steps you can take to get on a healing path.

Leave the Moldy Environment

You cannot heal from toxic mold while your air quality is compromised. This doesn’t mean you have to be gone forever, but staying with a friend could be helpful while you are figuring out next steps.

This may seem a bit drastic, but people oftentimes begin to feel better as soon as they leave the mold environment. I personally felt symptoms of muscle cramping, food sensitivities, itchy skin, and difficulty sleeping subside within days. After being out of the home for 2.5 weeks, my skin would begin to itch and my joints would ache after re-entry to my mold contaminated home.

Call a Mold Specialist

While you’re out of the house, start researching mold specialists in your area. Consider joining a toxic mold support group on Facebook, like this one, to ask others for recommendations in your area.

When you’re searching for a mold specialist, it’s important to make sure they recognize the severity of your health issues and how mold can relate to them. I’ve put together this guide to help you ask the right questions in order to find a qualified mold specialist.

Purchase an Air Purifier

Before you go back into your home, purchase a high-quality air purifier that filters mold. There are several air purifiers on the market, and I’ve used a couple, but my favorite option is the Air Doctor.

After you purchase your air purifier, get it set up in your house for a couple days before you go back. Many people will experience noticeable improvements.

Connect with someone who specializes in mold support.

Once you know (or think you know) you have mold illness, work on finding a physician who specializes in mold detoxification. My personal experience was that my local naturopath was not confident in treating mold + heavy metal toxicity so I was forced to go elsewhere. In my research, I found that the majority of mold specialists charge approximately $400 for the initial appointment and $200 for follow-ups. None of those costs include the functional tests required to determine if you have mold or other health issues (blood tests, urine tests, and hormone tests are recommended that can cost between $500 and $2,000).

In 2020 I began working with clients who were struggling with mold illness. For $1200 you can work with me for 3 months and receive all the support you need (with bi-weekly appointments and unlimited email follow up between sessions). I will walk you through detoxifying from mold and supporting your mind and body through the process.

Apply to work with me here.


This one is really hard, isn’t it? I’m sure you might feel like your whole life is unraveling right now, but I try to remind my clients and myself that sometimes things fall apart so they can fall together. It’s really hard to see the bright side of illness, but the only way you get out is through. Keep your chin up and put one foot in front of the other. At least you’re on the right path, you know? What if you had stayed in that toxic environment for even longer and developed more health issues? There’s always a silver lining if you let yourself find it, I promise.

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